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Ukulele/Uke player - mLKauai

I live on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, am a middle-aged hapa-haole (English, Hawaiian, and Chinese) and in my 3rd childhood having rediscovered the ukulele after dropping guitar for over 20 years.

I have returned to the Hawaiian songs that my parents loved and played all the time in the 50's.

Ukes of choice are William King spruce/rosewood 12 fret to body tenor, and a King 18" scale tenor all mahogany 14 fret to body tenor.

I usualy record a rythm track on my looper and play and sing over that. For rythm, some of the songs I used a vingtage Martin baritone that I dont have anymore unfortunately (king of the baritones), and a Jenny Bushman cutaway baritone.

I use an Edirol R09 digital mini-recorder.

I have a bunch of other ukes and a tenor guitar, but these are the main players.

Latest acquisition; King 18 inch all mahogany tenor re-entrant dGBE tuning.
Savarez Alliance treble strings and Corum polished wound G.

vintage Martin baritone used in a couple of the songs rythm track. King of baritones.

My "ultimate uke" Tenor King spruce/indian rosewood. Martin 0-18t used on some of the rythm tracks. King of tenor guitars


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