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Ukulele/Uke player - Jeff Japers

I live in Cardiff, South Wales and have been playing the ukulele for about the last 6 years. I started on bass guitar about 25 years ago and then picked up the guitar. I used to think the ukulele had it's limitations compared to the guitar but now I'm coming to believe that it is more versatile (certainly more portable).

I have 2 ukes. A Samick UK-50 and a Risa Uke'Ellie (electric ukulele). If I just want a quick strum, I tend to pick up the Samick but the Uke'ellie is good for recording with sound effects etc.

I write funny songs about animals because I find it hard to get serious. I add drums and bass to my songs to hide my poor singing voice. May be one day I'll put up a song with just me and the uke.


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